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NANA Icon Challenge's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
NANA Icon Challenge


About NANA Awards
Welcome to Nana Awards, a general icontest community for the awesome series NANA. If you're a fan of NANA and also like icons, then join us in on the fun! To familiarize yourself with how things run around here, please remember to read the profile. By participating in the challenges, it will be automatically assumed that you've read the rules. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in any post and a mod will get back to you ASAP.

NOTE: Layout only works when logged-in, due to the fact that the ads interfere with the style of the layouts when viewing the community anonymously.

Your Moderators
colorfilter dark_angel869 robinyuy tjfox

Banner Makers
sakurakiss aisha_san

Blast! Blast Tour 7 Damaged Soul Dreamy & Hopeful Nana-Nana Seven

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Official Notice [04 Jun 2008|12:39am]


As though no one knew already right? xD I just wanted to have an official announcement stating so (An OCD of mine, sorry). With my job, computer contacting viruses, graduation on my side.. I neglected my moderator duties. Until I'm able to work out some kinks here, there won't be any new updates soon, but we'll get there, promise! If anyone has any input on anything regarding this place, you can always comment here to discuss the issue. Thanks for reading.

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Week 61 Winner: Lyrical - Showtime [27 Oct 2007|08:01pm]

Voting was close but we finally have a winner!

First Place

Congrats to the winner! Your banner maker for this week will be sakurakiss

dark_angel869 will have the next theme posted on Wednesday.
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Week 61 Voting - Extension [27 Oct 2007|09:25am]

Since we have a tie I'm extending voting for a few more hours. You now have until Saturday, October 27 @ 11:00pm EST to vote. Please, VOTE HERE!
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Week 61 Voting: Lyrical - Showtime [25 Oct 2007|03:36pm]

Sorry this is late! We have 2 great icons this week. Please vote for one.

Happy voting!

Lights, Camera, ActionCollapse )

Voting ends on Friday, October 26th @ 11pm EST.
The next theme should be up soon.
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Week 61 Reminder: Lyrical - Showtime [22 Oct 2007|05:14pm]

Hello! This is your reminder to get your entries in for Week 61: Lyrical - Showtime. We currently have two wonderful entries but more would be very much appreciated. You have until Wednesday, October 24th @ 10pm EST to submit your entries. Please, SUBMIT HERE.
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